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We Are Custom Gear Specialists

Slash Sports specializes in custom player and goalie equipment, for both teams and individuals. We work closely with many companies who offer excellent customizers so you can get the perfect colour combination for your equipment.

To name a few, we are able to customize goalie leg guards, player/goalie helmets, player/goalie gloves and player bags. As always, if you don’t see what you’re looking for, please contact us and we will get you taken care of.

The customization process is very easy! Simply choose any category below, click on the links provided, create your custom gear and send us a screenshot to info@slashlax.ca

We love seeing our customers’ creativity come to life!

**Due to the complexity and detail that goes into custom orders, we will personally assist you in completing your custom order. Simply send us a screenshot of your design and we will contact you to discuss quantity, cost, production time, options, etc.


Get geared up in the same goalie equipment the pros are using and customize the colours to your team or personal preference at no extra charge.

Click the link below to customize your dream goalie legs, email us a screenshot to info@slashlax.ca and we’ll do the rest!

Contact us for pricing or check out our goalie section on the website.

Please note: thigh guards are available at an additional cost, as is the option to have your name embroidered on the legs.

**The link might not work on mobile devices, its best displayed on a desktop or laptop screen**


We have worked closely with Warrior, Brine and Under Armour over the years to create many outstanding custom team gloves.

Team/player glove orders require a MINIMUM OF 12 & have several options available for production times. Goalie gloves require a MINIMUM OF 2 & have a production time of 3-4 months.

Click on any of the LOGOS below to customize your gloves, email us a screenshot to info@slashlax.ca and we will discuss details and prices. Happy designing!


Want to customize a helmet for yourself or an entire team? No problem!

Cascade, Warrior and STX have many great options to choose from with endless colour combinations!

Click on any of the LOGOS below to start designing, email us a screenshot to info@slashlax.ca and we will discuss cost & details. Please note that the cost shown on websites are in US dollars and our price may vary.


Looking for other custom options? No problem!

Send us an inquiry through our “Contact Us” page or email us at info@slashlax.ca and we will find the custom gear right for you!

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