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Need a small tune up or a full stringing?  Our talented stringers will get your stick shooting just right!

Whether you’re a player or goalie with stringing specifics in mind, or want our experts to handle it all, we will have your stick tuned up and ready to go in no time.

There is no limit to creativeness when it comes to stick stringing; if you can imagine it, we can do it!

Whether it’s new mesh, shooting strings, sidewall or all of the above, we have tons of colours to choose from to give you the custom look you’re after.

Due to the endless possibilities for stringing patterns, mesh and string combinations, payment for stringing is only available in-store. Bring in your stick, choose your colours and we’ll string it up for you!

Stringing FAQ

Our stringing service is done on a first come, first serve basis.  Leave your stick with us while you grab a coffee or run some errands and we’ll be sure to call you as soon as it’s done.  Generally speaking, player heads take around 30 minutes, regular (spoon) goalie heads take around 45 minutes and XL goalie heads such as the Warrior Wall head or traditional goalie heads take around 1-1.5 hours.  These estimated wait times are based on no lineup of heads in front of yours and the stringer being able to sit down and dedicate this time to the head without interruption.  Being that customer service is our top priority, wait times may be slightly longer than estimated if we need to stop and assist customers in the store.  We thank you in advance for your patience and promise the final product will be well worth the wait!!

Simply put – the choice is yours!  We often have kids run their stick in & pick out their colours while their parents wait in the car.  We would never want to discourage kids from coming in alone by asking them to pay when they’re not expecting it, so payment upon pickup is totally fine with us!

Like everything, mesh and strings have a lifespan.  Wait too long and you’ll end up with a mean hook or broken strings.  Mesh is only good for so long before it starts to “bag out.”  It’ll look lifeless, hold no shape and will often be discoloured.  If you play with mesh that is bagged out, your stick will hook (when you shoot, the ball will go straight down) and you will have lost all accuracy.  If your strings are wearing to the point you can see they are noticeably thinner than elsewhere, it’s time to have them redone before they wear right through and break.  Sticks don’t always need a full re-string, sometimes they just need a tune-up.  At Slash Sports, we will always offer our honest opinion and recommendation.  To be frank, if it doesn’t need to be done, we won’t suggest it.

We recommend tuning up your stick regularly to ensure consistent accuracy.  Sometimes it’s as easy as tightening or loosening shooting strings, sometimes we need to redo the sidewalls in your stick.  If you know your stick and know how it shoots/passes, the easiest way to tell when you need a tune-up is when you notice your stick isn’t shooting quite right anymore.  Bring it in to Slash Sports and we’ll get it tuned right up!

No.  We do have partial stringing fees that apply to quick fixes or tune-ups.  If we are just fixing a few strings, that would fall under a partial stringing fee.  If we have to redo the sidewall strings and top string, then that is considered a full re-string because we are essentially taking everything out of the head and starting from scratch.  Please keep in mind that 98% of the time, sidewall and top strings are cut too short for us to reuse.  If we are tuning up a sidewall or top string, you will likely need to purchase a new string because the existing one will not be long enough for us to work with.

No.  We charge a stringing fee for the service of stringing your stick, but the supplies are extra.  The reason being is that sometimes we have customers that have their own supplies and just need us to put everything together.

Of course!!  We have Slash Sports gift cards we can load for the amount or we can make you a stringing certificate for your special someone to redeem.

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